Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine Pool

salt water pool vs chlorine pool You may be wondering what the difference between a “salt water pool vs chlorine pool“? This page will explain the differences between the two and help you determine which is best suited to what kind of swimming pool life style you want.

What is a Salt Water Pool?

Salt water pools work as a result of salt water generators that use chemical electrolysis to lessen the amount chlorine in the pool, and while those generators require a little more expensive, they can be more cost effective in the long run. It is much easier than having to constantly buy chlorine tablets. They also do away with the draw backs of chlorine tablets, such as the chlorine smell and the dry skin that comes after swimming. The pool’s pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness must be properly maintained by testing and adjusting the levels as necessary, just as with a traditional chlorine pool. You will also need chemicals to keep the pool stabilized. You will also still need to use a chlorine stabilizer, to help control the degrading of UV chlorine.

Salt Water Pool Advantages and Disadvantages

Salt Water Pool Advantages

  • Gentler on eyes, skin and hair
  • Desirable stress-relieving soft water
  • Costs less to maintenance
  • No heavy chlorine smell
  • Better for muscle joints

Salt Water Pool Disadvantages

  • Initial cost is more expensive
  • Maintenance may require an expert
  • Can cause damage to pool accessories and decking
  • pH levels are harder to manage
  • The cost to run the generators is expensive

Cost to Run a Salt Water Pool

One of the main drawbacks is price. Salt water pool generators can run you from $350, up to $1,500, depending on the size of your pool. Salt water pools are also more expensive to run, as the generators can run up to 12 hours a day during pool season. They do however cut down on the time it takes to keep the pool clean. Another thing, if a problem comes up the home owner may have to call a professional, as salt water pools are a little more complex.

What is a Chlorine Pool?

Chlorine pools use chlorine tablets to keep the pool water disinfected and clean. As you won’t have a generator to help keep the pool clean, you will need to keep the pH levels correct. Your pool’s pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness must be correctly maintained by testing and adjusting the levels as needed. Because of this too much chlorine can dry out skin and hair, and sometimes can irritate the eyes. The chemicals keep the pool clean and safe to swim in, however does no favors for our hair and skin.

Chlorine Pool Advantages and Disadvantages

Chlorine Pool Advantages

  • Cheaper alternative to salt water pools
  • Chlorine is readily available
  • Safe on pool accessories and decking
  • Uses less electricity than a generator
  • Extremely efficient at keeping algae at bay

Chlorine Pool Disadvantages

  • armful to eyes and skin
  • Chemicals can be harmful if not stored properly
  • Has to be tested and maintained regularly
  • Can fade clothing and swim towels
  • Sometimes the chlorine smell can be unbearable

Cost to Run a Chlorine Pool

Chlorine pools are a lot more inexpensive than salt water pools, as you won’t have to buy a generator, and your power costs will be lower not having to run the generator. You will have to buy pool tablets keep the pool clean. One other thing is you will have to buy chlorine tablets; depending on the size of your pool, an 8,000 gallon pool will go through around 1-3 tablets a week. These tablets come in buckets and can weigh upwards of 50 lbs. Also, if a problem arises, the home owner can usually fix it.

Swimming Pool Gilbert, Arizona

Deciding on which type of pool you want has many factors you want to go over. Such as cost, maintenance, the size of pool you want, if you are going to use it year round. If you are unsure about the type of pool you want or if you are converting your pool, call Above All Pool Care at 480-370-1714 and get a better idea from experts on which type of pool will best suit your needs.

How To Clean Pool Tile

How To Clean Pool Tile

If you are searching for “how clean pool tile“, this post by Above All Pool Care, LLC, can help! It doesn’t matter how hard you try, it is inevitable develop a calcium build up on the tile surface. Cleaning your tile can greatly increase the lifetime of your pool and let you enjoy it for years to come.

Pool Tile Cleaning Methods

There is nothing like coming home to a clean pool. Dirty pool tiles covered in calcium are unsightly and discourage you from enjoying your pool. There are many ways to clean your swimming pool tile by yourself. Below you will find just a few examples.

How To Clean Pool Tile With Vinegar

Vinegar can be used to remove the calcium deposition from pool tiles. You will need to have patience and wait for sometime as the effect is not quick. You will need to heat a towel or rag in the microwave or stove top before applying the vinegar to your tiles. The molecules in the vinegar react with calcium and slowly separates the deposition of calcium from tiles.

How To Clean Pool Tile With Pressure Washer

You can use a pressure washer to clean your pool tile, but you must make sure you use the right media to blast away the calcium. There are plenty of types of media you can use. It is best to know what kind of tile your pool has, as different types of media are used for different types of tile. You wouldn’t want to use a media that will crack or ruin your tiles. And it’s cheaper than re-tiling your pool

How To Clean Pool Tile Grout

To clean your pool tile grout, you can use a mixture of baking soda and a little bit of water to make a sort of paste. Get a cloth or sponge wet with warm water and use your paste to clean the tile. Use an old toothbrush to get in between the tiles to clean just the grout. Rinse well with a clean cloth or sponge.

How To Clean Pool Tile With Baking Soda

Using baking soda to make a paste mixing a proper ratio of baking soda as well as water you can remove the stains in the proper manner. Use a cloth or sponge to spread the paste on the tiles. You can also use more water and less baking soda and put the mixture in a spray bottle for easier use. Using a clean cloth or sponge and some warm water you can rinse the mixture off of your tiles.

How To Clean Pool Tile With A Pumice Stone

A pumice stick works well to scrub off that last bit of calcium that a scraper just can’t get under. While it’s generally safe to use pumice on tile, always test on a low key area of your tile first. You can usually find pumice sticks at pool stores, home improvement stores, and even online.

One other way to clean your pool, but is a little more in depth, is Acid Washing.

What Is Acid Washing?

Acid washing is a process that is done on a pebble tec® or plaster pool to remove a thin layer of the surface to remove stubborn stains and calcium deposits. The pool is drained and the sides scrubbed.

Pool Tile Cleaning Services

If you don’t have the time, tools, desire, or are just unsure about cleaning your pool tile, you can always hire a professional, like Above All Pool Care LLC. By hiring an expert pool cleaner, you can be sure the job will get done properly, leaving you with a sparkling pool for your family and friends to enjoy.

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