Pool Acid Washing, Chandler, AZ

Pool Acid Washing Chandler AZ

Are you looking for “Pool Acid Washing Chandler” to clean those nasty stains from your pool tile or pool walls? If so Above All Pool Care LLC can assist!

A number of our customers here in Chandler opt for a pool acid washing service once every 3 to 5 years. Having your pool’s base and walls acid washed cleans off tough stains and leaves your pool surface looking good as new. For professional grade pool maintenance services in Chandler, call Above All Pool Care today on 480-370-1714.



We offer pool acid washing services in Chandler, AZ for Plaster Pools & Pebble Tec pools.

Acid Washing Plaster Pools


Acid Washing Plaster Pools Chandler AZ

Acid washing is an intense cleaning solution and not an ideal cleaning solution for regular cleaning, or if the plaster on your pool is old, fragile or worn out. This type of cleaning should only be done once every five years on plaster pools, and only when your pool is in good shape, with surface stains. Acid washing will not remove deep stains on the pool walls from rebar or natural elements. Such stains could be penetrating layers and layers of plaster that will prevent them from being removed with acid. During your consultation, one of our experienced service technicians will assess the stains on your pool, and recommend if acid cleaning is the best solution or if other cleaning solutions will be better suited.

Acid Washing Pebble Tec Pools


Acid Washing Pebble Tec Pools Chandler AZ

The surface of a Pebble Tec pool has higher resistant compared to plaster pools and can be acid washed as need arises, although it is advisable to do this at least once every three to five years. Acid washing isn’t, however, the best solution for all kinds of stains. Calcium water lines in your pool tiles, for instance, will need to be salt or glass bead blasted as acid washing will not remove the calcium deposits.

Our Acid Washing Process:


  1. The pool must be drained of all water for it to be acid washed.
  2. When all the water has been drained, the muriatic acid and water solution is applied section by section on the stained walls.
  3. The acid solution is left to soak on the walls for a certain amount of time before it is scrubbed off section by section, removing stains and debris in the process.
  4. When the stains have been removed from a section, the acid on the wall is rinsed off with water.
  5. This process is then repeated on other sections of the pool until the pool has been thoroughly cleaned.
  6. Once the entire pool has been cleaned, the remaining acid solution is neutralized with soda ash and pumped out of the pool.
  7. At the end, the pool is rinsed with water thoroughly, and re-filled.



Pool acid washing removes hard stains, algae and other residue from both Plaster and Pebble Tec pools. The process gets its name from the cleaning agent used, which is a combination of muriatic acid and water. The acid brings out the pools original surface by eating away at the layer of stains and filth that gathers above over time. Since this cleaning process is intense, acid washing should only be used to clean hard to remove stains that wouldn’t easily wash off during regular cleaning.

How Often Should I Acid Wash My Pool?


That depends on the kind of pool. Where a plaster pool can be washed once every 5 years, a Pebble Tec would need to be washed every 3 to 5 years. As mentioned above, it is an intense procedure, so it isn’t advisable to frequently acid wash your plaster pool as the acid will eat away at the surface, shortening the pool’s life span. Acid wash should only be considered when the pool walls and surface is badly stained.



Muriatic acid is a very hazardous substance so extreme caution should be afforded when acid washing the pool walls yourself. To be safe, experts recommend that acid cleaning should be contracted to a licensed pool service and maintenance company. It is also important to leave the acid on the walls for just the right amount of time or it will damage the pool plaster. This and other consideration is why an experienced professional should carry out the procedure.

Things To Remember


  • Plaster pools shouldn’t be acid washed frequently
  • A licensed pool maintenance technician should be hired for acid washing the pool
  • Being a strong acid, the mixture shouldn’t be left on the pool walls for prolonged periods of time

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If you are a pool owner in Chandler, AZ who needs pool acid washing services to remove stains from your plaster pool or Pebble Tec pool, call us today at 480-370-1714or click here to schedule your acid washing service.


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Are you looking for “Pool Acid Washing Chandler” to clean those nasty stains from your pool tile or pool walls? If so Above All Pool Care LLC can assist!