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Glass Bead Blasting and Calcium Build-up Removal Gilbert, AZ - Above All Pool Care, LLC, 480-370-1714

It's an extremely hot summer in Gilbert, AZ and you decide to have a swimming party because you have the weekend off, and why shouldn't you it's a beautiful day and the perfect temperature for swimming. Although, you step outside only to notice the big white calcium buildup on your pool tiles. Its Tuesday and the party is Friday, so you call your local pool company but they can't get there until after the weekend. Not a problem, all you need to do is go to your local pool supply store and purchase a case of pumice stone, muriatic acid and a wire brush. After scrubbing for 2 days and you only got half of the calcium gone and not sure what to do next, the party is coming soon.

First of all, let's see why there is a calcium build-up on your tiles in the first place. Calcium build-up is due to high calcium or hard water in your pool water. You can check yourself with a chemical testing kit or have your local pool company check the TDS and calcium levels for you, as well the chemical levels in the water coming from your kitchen sink.

Secondly, let us tell you now that pumice stones, wire brushes and muriatic acid can help get rid of some of the calcium but definitely is not the best method of removing calcium build-up from your tiles. Also, using this method is going to cost you around 6 dollars a linear foot. There are 3 much better options that will leave your tiles looking brand new and not cost you a whole lot more than you would of spent using the home remedy.

The best 3 methods to remove calcium build-up from tiles are salt blasting, beat blasting and soda blasting. These blasting methods remove the calcium from the tile by using high output/low pressure streams that blast the calcium away quickly.

1. Glass Bead Blasting

Glass beat blasting uses an ultra fine stream of perfect round beats of glass. These beads of glass are around the size of the tip of a needle. They can clean oil, grit and calcium of the tiles and grout of the tiles. This type of blasting is used mostly on Pebble Tec swimming pools. The glass beads can easily be cleaned up after the blasting is complete, both in the pool and on the deck. It also doesn't affect the chemical balances in the water like muriatic acid does.

2. Salt Blasting

Salt blasting uses natural mineral salt or Kieserite that is blasted at low pressures. The force of the salt hitting the pool tile causes the calcium to free up. This method is commonly used on tile, sand and ceramic pools. It's also biodegradable and all natural and has a pH of neutral. Its considered the newest, safest way to clean pool tiles and makes them shine as if they were new.

3. Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a lot like glass bead blasting only it uses Baking Soda(sodium bicarbonate) to blast which is much softer. This type of blasting is often used on ceramic and stone. Although, this type could cause a higher pH level in your pool and send alkaline levels a little higher than normal in large pools.

We at Above All Pool Care use glass bead blasting methods to remove the calcium build-up from your pool tiles. Give us a call today if you live in the Gilbert, AZ area and are interest in our Glass Bead Blasting Services.

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