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Our green pool cleaning service restores your pool’s beauty and gets your family back in the water. We know how to clean a green pool the right way to restore water quality and get you back in the water. In addition to green pool water cleanup we can remove green algae stains from your pool walls.

Is your swimming pool filled with green pool water or black algae? Have you spent money on fix fast or DIY remedies of clearing up your green pool, but still have foggy or clouded water? Well worry no more, Above All Pool Care is here to save the day.

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Why is my pool water green?

1. Improper Balance of Pool Chemicals

Normal swimming pool water should have a chemical pH level of 7.2 – 7.8 in order to kill algae and green water quickly. You have a 1 in 3 chance that improper pH levels are turning your pool water green. The main chemical that kills algae in swimming pools is Chlorine. If the pH and chlorine levels of your swimming pool are not properly managed it could cause the following issues.

pH Levels Too High?

If your pH levels are too high, the chlorine can’t kill off the bacteria quickly enough, causing scale buildup from minerals such as calcium, etc.

pH Levels Too Low?

If the pH levels of your swimming pool are too low, the water will become acidic and erode plastic and metal components over-time. Acidic water is also unsafe to swim in.

If improper pH or chorine balances is what is turning your pool water green, don’t worry! Above All Pool Care will balance your pool chemical levels properly in order to turn your green pool water back to clear again in as little as a couple days. Although, if this is not the case, continue to reason 2 (Clogged Pool Filter).

2. Clogged Pool Filters

Usually improper chemical levels is the reason your pool is turning green but if this is not the case for you, a clogged pool filter could be the cause of your green pool.

Clogged pool filters can’t strain out the bacteria and algae that’s contaminating your clean pool water. IF you pool filter stays clogged for too long, it can eventually change the color of your pool water from clean to green.

Above All Pool Care will inspect your pool filter(s) to ensure they are free of debris and cleaning pool water as intended.

3. Plant Life & Weather Contamination

If your pool filter isn’t clogged and your pool water is still turning green, the only culprit left is falling plant life and weather contamination. Do you have trees or other plant life that hang over your pool? Does that tree or plant drop leaves in the pool? If so, that could be the culprit right there. This goes back to the pool chemical imbalances. Plant life will mess with the pH of your pool. Also, warmer temperature are what algae loves the most. Regular chlorine doses just aren’t enough to kill off all of the algae. Algaecide is recommended for pools who’s pH levels are proper but still experiencing green pool water.

Above All Pool Care will add the adequate amount of Algaecide to your pool water and get it back to clean again in no time. Worried about your other pool chemical levels? Don’t worry, we’ll inspect those too!

4. Insufficient Water Circulation

If your pools water circulation cycles aren’t set often or for long enough your water becomes dirty. In addition to filtering the water circulation distributes your pool chemicals. It’s much like making hot chocolate, you have to stir the powder in to help make it even. It’s the same way with your pool chemicals like chlorine. It needs to be distributed and mixed evenly throughout your pool water to effectively protect your water quality and clarity. How much your pool pump needs to run depends on air temperature. You should set your pool pump to run for an hour for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. So for a day where the temperature is going to be 100 your pump needs to run for a minimum of 10 hours.

Above All Pool Care ensures that your pool pump is set for the right amount of time for the season. This ensures that your chemicals are circulating enough and debris is being removed by your pool filtration system.


We offer 2 Methods of Green Pool Cleaning Services

Chemical Cleaning (*Recommended): The chemical method of green pool cleaning includes: Shocking the pool water (adding in a daily regimen of liquid chlorine), accompanied by cleaning pool filters, backwashing pool filters and repeating this process over and over again until the pool water is properly balanced and returned to a clear water state. If the chlorine is not enough to clean up your green pool water, we will add in an adequate amount of algaecide to kill the rest of the algae. If your pool water is just starting to turn green call us right away before it costs more money to fix. It could cost a lot less money if we have to add less chemicals. The draining method of green pool cleaning costs a lot more.

*Important: Adding liquid chlorine, algaecide, and other chemicals to your pool water can be dangerous! Make sure and consult a professional pool cleaning company before trying to add chlorine in yourself.

Draining & Cleaning: Is your pool water just starting to turn green? Can you still see through the water to the bottom of your pool? If so, chances are you need the chemical cleaning method. Although, if you cannot see the bottom of the pool, there is a chance that chemical methods may not be enough to clear it up. The only thing left to do is drain and refill.

However, we won’t just drain the water, we will also clean out all of the material and debris left of the bottom, and chorine blast the rest of the algae and bacteria. Was your pool water left green from the previous tenants or just left green in general? If the answer is yes, there may be green stains left of the pool tile or pool walls. Chorine blasts will help remove them but to completely remove these stains we will need to perform an acid bath. After removal of the green pool stains, we will refill the water, and bring your pool chemical levels to a healthy balance again.

We know this may seem like a Huge endeavor to you, but this is a service we perform on a regular basis and can make this process as stress free venture for you. Keep in mind we will only perform this big of a service if we have to. We will try everything else before suggesting draining your entire pool.

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