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Pool Pump & Motor Repair Gilbert, AZ 85233

Pool Pump Broken? Pool Motor Broken?
Don’t worry, we fix broken pool pumps and pool motors for homes and apartments in Gilbert, AZ

The best way to get the most from your spa and/or pool is to ensure that your pump motor stays in perfect condition all year around. The work that your pump does (unseen to your eyes) deserves to be noticed. The pump not only circulates the water in your spa and pool to keep them nice and clean, but also helps out with properly distributing those necessary chemicals (that also go unnoticed). These chemicals work to keep your spa and pool clean also, making it sparkle (and dreamy). On the other hand, if your spa and pool’s pump motor is not working up to par, you will not think of your spa and pool as so dreamy anymore.

Above All Pool Care has a highly qualified staff specializing in the repair of pump motors that’s keeping your spa and pool running sufficiently and efficiently. Anytime you are having a problem with your spa and pool, please let us assist you. We’ll have you back in the water before you have time to dry off!

It is an absolute must, that your spa and pool’s pump always be in good working order. This is because, without a good working pump the water in your spa or pool will not have good clarity, it will not be a bluish color, it will not look clean, and it will not smell very nice either. The reason for this is simple. The pump is the heart of your spa and pool, it’s what gives your spa and pool all those good qualities that you, your friends, and your family enjoy so much.

The importance of your spa and pool pump cannot be emphasized too much. A pump that is not in perfect condition will not let your spa and pool have good clarity, nor will it circulate the water as it needs to, which means that those chemicals (that are a necessity) will not get circulated around either, as they are suppose to.

We specialize in spa/pool pump repairs and replacement services in and around the vicinity of Gilbert, AZ. Above All Pool Care has a complete professional staff that specializes in the repair and replacement of spa and pool pump’s, and we would be glad to assist you in resolving any swimming pool or spa pump problems you may have.

Above All Pool Care services the entire Phoenix metropolitan area including surrounding areas. We offer FREE Estimates!!!

Common Problems with Pool Pumps

Issues with its electrical parts: There are specific amperage’s that a pool pump needs to operate, and your pump will not operate efficiently if it is not serviced properly, and can ceased to work at all.

Debris getting lodged in the draining system: When debris gets sucked up into the pool pump it blocks its airway and cannot function properly. We can professionally remove any debris and ensure that your pump will work sufficiently.

The pump’s motor does not work correctly: Before deciding that your pump has went out completely check all electrical fuses and breakers. Then, if it doesn’t begin working again, call us and we will assist you further.

The pool’s motor has a noisy sound: When your pool begins making a loud sound it could mean that your pumps’ bearing have wore out. Give us a call to assist you with this.

We also Provide Repairs on the Following Manufacturers & Brands


A.O. Smith




Aqua Flo

Above All Pool Care, Gilbert, Arizona’s Pool Pump Repair Specialist!

Above All Pool Care has the ability to repair your spa and pools pump motor, on almost all brands. Our staff of specialists also have the ability to replace an older pump motor on your spa or pool. Replacement is usually the option taken when repairing it is no longer an option. Replacements only happen if a system is getting older and not functioning as it is expected to. It has been said,The old pumps-motor never gave-up; it has lived its lifetime.

Never hesitate to call us with your questions and concerns regarding the repair of your Gilbert, Arizona spa and pool pump motor, Just take a moment, and call us at 1(480) 170-1774.

If you are looking for pool pump and motor repair services in the Gilbert, AZ area, Call Above All Pool Care @ 480-241-7447. We are a local, trustworthy pool pump/motor repair company that treats their customers like family. We can work within your budget and around your schedule. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work. Contact us today for a free pool pump and motor repair estimate; we look forward to speaking to you.


Tile Cleaning Estimates

We at Above All Pool Care use glass bead blasting to clean remove the calcium build-up from your pool tiles. Call today @ (480) 370-1714 or fill out our contact form if you live in the Gilbert, AZ area and are interest in free pool tile cleaning or calcium removal estimate.

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