Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget
Written by Brian B

Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

Check out some of our best ideas to spruce up your backyard pool area on a budget!


Annuals and perennials will always spruce up any area, but they will look great alongside your backyard pool. Flowers can help add color to the area and give your yard an unforgettable look. Check with the professionals ahead of time to see which flowers can grow best next to a chlorine or saltwater pool.

Add Shade

Of course, the pool can help you stay cool in the extreme summer heat, but sometimes a little extra shade is necessary. It will never hurt to add more shade to your backyard and/or pool area. Especially in the valley of the sun, extra shade is needed for the hot summer months. Try to find some trees or shrubs that will compliment your existing pool colors or style. Adding some aesthetically-pleasing trees can help bring the area to life. Opt for some trees that will keep the shedding to a minimum.

Pool Shade

Artificial Turf

Maintaining a green turf can be especially difficult in a place like Arizona. That shouldn’t stop you from laying down some artificial turf, though! Water always looks great and stands out when it is next to a green lawn. Additionally, there is no limit to what you can add to the area featuring artificial turf.

Poolside Seating

Installing an outdoor pool to your backyard is about more than just swimming and keeping cool. Surrounding the water with some seating can create an extremely relaxing environment for both family and friends. A large and unique seating area can create the perfect setting for neighborhood events, barbeques or simply a relaxing weekend with the kids.

Poolside Seats

Surrounding Rocks

Rock features that come built into the pool siding can be costly. This may create the perfect DIY project then. You can choose whichever surrounding rocks or boulders you want to add to your pool area, then place them in any formation you’d like.


This one specifically applies to pool owners across the state of Arizona and throughout the southwest. Arizona backyard landscaping feels incomplete without cacti or succulents. Cacti can be coupled with an assortment of rocks to give your pool area a unique look and feel. Another thing you need to consider when looking for cacti is size. Are you looking for several smaller plants to fill the area or a few large plants?


Build Structures

There is no limit to the structures you can build in your pool area, as long as you abide by local codes, of course. Both pergolas and trellises are great ways to create shade and a more inviting atmosphere, at the same time. These structures can give you much-needed shade and privacy from neighbors.

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