Glass Bead Blasting Gilbert AZ


Glass bead blasting is the #1 way to remove calcium or other deposits from your swimming pool. Above All Pool Care provides glass bead blasting for pool owners in Gilbert, AZ.

What is pool or glass bead blasting?

Glass bead blasting is a blasting process for cleaning pool tile. It’s very similar to sand blasting but with glass beads instead of sand particles. When glass bead blasting is done professional, calcium is blasted off of your pool tiles without damaging the pool tile. The glass beads blast off the calcium and other deposits from stone, Pebble Tec, and other surfaces. The beads also get rid of algae on your pool grout, leaving it brighter than ever before. The results from glass bead blasting are better than acid washing or using other harsh chemicals. Plus, it takes less money to clean up glass beads than it does to re-balance your pool water.

What Are The Glass Beads Made Of?

The glass beads we use to blast your pool tiles clean are made from soda lime-type glass, which is lead free and doesn’t contain any silica. Glass beads are better for pool tile cleaning because they are much smoother than angular media. They produce a bright, clean, satin finish, without causing damage to your stone or Pebble Tec. Glass beads can be recycled over 30 times and are easy to vacuum out of your pool after use. Glass bead blasting is an environmentally friendly way to remove calcium from stone or Pebble Tec.

Glass Beads Are Best For Pebble Tec

There are a few different ways to clean pool tiles and remove calcium deposits but we know that glass bead blasting is the best method of pool tile cleaning for Pebble Tec. Plus, glass bead blasting takes only a fraction of the time that a brush or pumice stone will. And, it does a better job cleaning that any other type of blast media for swimming pools.

Our Service Area

Above All Pool Care provides bead blasting for swimming pools in the Ahwatukee & Gilbert, Arizona areas.

Our Promise

Above All Pool Care is dedicated to offering the best calcium removal, pool tile cleaning, and pool cleaning service in Gilbert and Ahwatukee Arizona. We go the full mile to make sure your Pebble Tec or pool tile looks as clean as the day of installation.

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