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Pool Draining Scottsdale AZ

Have you been searching for “Pool Draining Scottsdale“, hoping that you would be able to find a licensed pool professional to drain your in-ground swimming pool? If so, then Above All Pool Care can help you! We provide professional pool draining services in Scottsdale, Arizona and the surrounding areas.

Are you draining the pool because of green water? If you are, then you may not need to actually drain it. We could possibly save your pool water by adding the right amount of pool chemicals that would balance out the pool water. We will try our best to save your pool water before ever offering to drain your pool.

Before suggestions are made, we should tell you about reasons to drain swimming pools.

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Pool Draining Services Include:

pool draining scottsdale az

We happen to follow the Scottsdale City Codes that instruct in the proper draining of your pool water. Those codes state that the water needs to be drained first on your property. For a large swimming pool, only a small portion can be drained at the property, and the rest needs to be drained into the community storm water retention basin. The last option is to drain the water into the sewer cleanout which is at the front of most houses.

Once the pool has been drained, it will allow the pool to be maintenanced and cleaned easier with new water. We will go through all the safety steps to ensure that your pool is drained right.

Safety Steps For Draining A Pool:

pool draining scottsdale az

  • Shut off the auto pool fill valve
  • Get access to retention basins or sewer lines to legally drain your pool
  • Run the pool drainage hose from the pool to the sewer line to drain the water completely
  • If needed, Chlorine blast, acid washing, or pool tile cleaning services to remove green stains or calcium lines
  • Refill the pool to the right height
  • Add the right pool balance and chemicals
  • Receive a time estimate of how long before you can swim in your pool

More Reasons To Drain The Pool Water

pool draining scottsdale az

Your pool may need to be drained to prepare for acid washing, or chlorine blasting along pool surfaces or walls.

We do provide pool draining services for realtor pools, foreclosed properties, commercial swimming pools, apartment pools, residential swimming pools, bank owned pools, and neglected swimming pools.

If you believe that your pool may need to be drained, then contact the experts at Above All Pool Care to look at your chemical levels first. We will tell you what is going on with your pool before offering to drain it.

If the day comes that you need your pool drained, then we will give you a quote for legally and safely draining your pool water.

Reasons To Drain Swimming Pools

pool draining scottsdale az

Over time, pool water will begin to collect organic materials and phosphates that are way too small for a filter to filter out. The main reason to drain a pool is to remove harmful chemicals that may cause a harsh environment. The environment will become harsh because of dead skin, oils, hair, minerals, dust and other bacteria’s. Chlorine isn’t going to be enough to remove these tiny particles, and chlorine only works for killing algae and bacteria. These little particles are going to be food for bacteria and algae, so if the levels of minerals and phosphate are high, you could end up struggling to keep algae and bacteria under control.

Once the level is too high, chlorine will stop killing the algae and bacteria, which leaves your pool with green water.

How Often Does Pool Water Need To Be Drained?

pool draining scottsdale az

A pool professional will recommend to drain and refill your pool every 3 to 5 years, depending on the type of pool you have such as salt water, saline, chlorinated, or mineral pool, or the outdoor climate and just how often you receive maintenance services for your pool.

Between 3 and 5 years is when the pool water will become hard to treat effectively. It will take more pool chemicals to clean the water.

What Happens If The Pool Isn’t Drained After 5 Years?

pool draining scottsdale az

If you are not draining your pool every 3 to 5 years, you will begin to have constant issues like algae growth, cloudy water and you will waste money on additional pool chemicals.

You will also have a risk of damaging pool surfaces and walls. Hard water is able to produce mineral and calcium buildup on pool ties and walls which will cost you a lot more money by needing acid washing just to remove stains and lines.

We happen to specialize in cleaning green pools and draining pools. If you have green stains on your pool walls, don’t worry we will be able to give your pool a quick acid wash to remove those. We can also remove calcium lines on the pool while we are cleaning.

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pool draining scottsdale az

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Have you been searching for “Pool Draining Scottsdale“, hoping that you would be able to find a licensed pool professional to drain your in-ground swimming pool?