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How to Clean a Green Pool Fast

If you are searching for tips on cleaning a green pool, or how to clean a green pool fast the following post should help! Cleaning a green pool can be a very difficult thing to do as this could be caused by weeks or even months of neglecting your pool. Depending on how bad the water is it may be something you can handle yourself, but if you have tried before with no avail it may be time to call in a pool cleaning expert like Above All Pool Care especially if you live in the Phoenix metro area.

Why is my pool green?

There can be several reasons for a pool to turn green most of these can be traced back to incorrect pH/alkaline levels, metals present, algae blooms, poor filtration system usage, or organic debris in the pool water. Some of these are easier to notice since there are branches, leaves, bugs, or even cloudy water floating in the pool. However, something like pH or alkalinity needs to be measured with a test kit and then adjusted from there using chemicals like chlorine or algaecide.

How to Clean a Green Pool

Regardless of the reason why your pool water is green or if you are just looking for how to clean a green pool fast you should follow the same steps. Even if you do realize that your green pool is a job best reserved for the professional pool cleaners we follow the same process as the one described in this post, but we do in extreme cases drain the pool and power wash the pool and tile areas clean.

Step 1) Remove organic debris

This should be a no brainer since organic debris like leaves, branches, bugs, or anything else that has follow into your pool will begin to break down and spread bacteria. By removing organic debris first it makes things easier on your filtration system and ensures that any pool chemicals added will not be obstructed by debris as well as accelerating the breakdown of debris in the water. This will also provide the added benefit of halting or at least slowing the growth of any algae spores currently in the water. Be careful to not disturb the water too much as this can cause bacteria to spread.

Step 2) Assess pool water chemistry

Next, you would want to use a pool test kit to get a baseline for your pool chemistry like this one to check for acid demand, bromine, chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity. If necessary you can take a pool water sample and have it tested at a local pool store like Leslie’s Pool, but they do recommend taking a water sample 12″-18″ below the surface and to obtain a sample in the morning if before the sun burns off the chlorine. Swim university has done an excellent job putting together the below video explaining how to test pool chemistry.

Step 3) Shocking your pool water

In order to properly shock a pool, you need to know how to shock a pool properly and what happens when a pool is shocked. Although it is called “shocking” a pool what you are doing is increasing the chlorine levels of your pool well above what normal levels should be. This helps to kill any remaining bacteria as well as algae that may still remain after removing organic debris. As a side note, this will often turn your pool water cloudy but it should change within 24-48 hours. In The Swim, recommends shocking a pool at night to avoid UV interference and that pH levels should be between 7.2 to 7.4 for the best results.

Step 4) Filter and Vacuum

After your pool has been shocked and the algae have died off due to the shock or the algaecide it is now time to filter and vacuum the pool. By vacuuming the pool before running the filter you are making the job easier on your sand, cartridge, or Diatomaceous Earth filter because if not done properly you may need to use a professional to repair your pool pump. Most pool experts agree to run your pool filter for a minimum of 24 hours straight and to backwash the filters to prevent clogs to filtration systems.

Step 5) Maintain proper pool maintenance

After all of the hard work is finished and your pool is no longer green or cloudy it is time to focus on a regular daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance schedule. Or if you are brand new to pool maintenece you could consult this Beginner’s Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance for further reading. Be sure that you are backwashing your filters regularly as well as skimming any debris that my have fallen into the pool as well.

How to Clean A Green Pool In 24 Hours

Is it possible to clean a green pool in 24 hours? Yes, use the following steps to clear up your green pool in 1 day:

  • Test the water
  • Adjust your chemicals and PH
  • Remove debris
  • Shock your pool
  • Brush your pool
  • Vacuum your pool
  • Run the pump for 24hrs

Learn more about how to clear up a green pool in 24 hours.

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